Birthday Sushi!


Lately I have been craving sushi like crazy and the thing I miss the most these days is definitely raw fish. Although I have been trying to convince my better half that there is no scientific evidence linking pregnant women eating sushi with health risks to babies, raw fish is still a big no-no at home.

On another note, this week we celebrated my love’s 36th birthday and what better way to celebrate this day, than with delicious sushi from the comfort of our patio??
Joking aside, the very same day we had our 20-week ultrasound to sneak a peek at our bean and find out the baby’s gender.
So, I guess this was definitely a very special birthday for him, besides our sushi date.

After hustling and bustling all day long, I felt extremely fatigued and could not seem to get out of first gear. This sushi came in handy, all I needed to do was to stop by the grocery store and pick up some rolls, temaki and sashimi.
I must be honest, this sushi is rather costly but I spared no expense given the special occasion, plus it is definitely worth the money: always fresh, crunchy and absolutely delicious.
I got our favorites: Triple Spicy Roll, Wakame Cali Roll, Crunch Cali Roll and Crunch Salmon Roll, two very filling Temaki, sashimi and edamame.
My stomach is growling again!


This is the link to the Sushi Kiosks whose products I mentioned in my post: as you can see it is available all across Europe!
For those of you who do not know, the artisans prepare the sushi right in front of you and have been extremely customer-oriented with my recent pregnancy concerns.
On top of this, they have recently added 4 mind blowing poke bowls. I have only tried the tofu one, but in October once our baby arrives, I will stockpile all of them.


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