Boiling hot weather products


I have been stuck at home for what feels like forever, really suffering in this heat.
The short cervix that I have only recently come to terms with is not really helping my mood as I was forced to avoid all kinds of sport (swimming included) and just rest as much as possible.
If this condition has worsened by the end of next month, bed rest will be necessary, so at the moment I am seriously looking forward to my summer vacation in a few days’ time.
I will be heading to Tenerife as that felt like the best option we had to enjoy some well-deserved baby moon. We wanted to avoid long-haul flights to areas with risk of zika and and just soak up the July’s sun in a place we had never been to.
 I am planning to bring these few beauty products that have served me well so far. Some of them are pretty costly, while a few were a bargain, but totally valid and note-worthy.
  • Hair
    Since I have gone blonde, I needed to take extra good care of my lengths so I opted for Kerastase Reflection to protect my highlighted hair.
    The product is worth every penny and makes my hair much more manageable and smells lovely!
    Along with the Kerastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche 250 ml, I purchased the Kerastase Chroma Riche Reflection Masque 200 ml (which works like magic fyi) and the Kerastase Reflection Fluide Chromatique 125 ml, which is the final touch for frizzy hair.
    When I have no other choice but to blow-dry my hair, I apply a little dab of the Kerastase Nectar Thermique 150 ml. I find this is the best pre-blow dry product on the market these days and it leaves my hair super soft all day long.
  • Skin
    Last year in Okinawa I used up all my creams so last week I went testing these new products I recently purchased. I went for something stronger than what I would usually apply given the extra sensitivity of my skin.
    The Clarins Creme Solaire Confort SPF 20 is the one I apply on my body when sunbathing and beside leaving my skin soft and hydrated, it simply smells like summer.
    It reminds me of summer vacations with my family.
    A whole different story when it comes to protecting my face from the sun. The MENTURM Sun UV Essence is a sunscreen essence that features maximum UV protection to preserve from skin dryness.
    Although I tend to use it on my face and neck, you can apply it all over your body, however, it is not resistant to water thus not the smartest idea if you are taking plenty of baths. I discovered this cheap product at a konbini store in Naha and knew right away that I needed a stash for summer. As well as the other products I mentioned, this one is available online if you are not currently located in Japan.
    Last but not least, to preserve my tan after taking a shower at the end of the day, I generously apply Clarins After Sun Moisturizer With Pump 400 ml.
  • Scent
    I am bringing Prada Candy perfume with me this year. Needless to say that this one smells so yummy, but not overpowering at all!

Totoro pins & current favourite


I have finally found a proper place for my Totoro pins, together with the Godzilla patch and the Chanko Nabe pin.
I bought them at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo during my third trip to Japan for 500 yen each.
If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, the museum is probably high on your bucket list of places to visit: a magical place where you will learn how the animation is made.
The souvenir shop in the museum “Mamma aiuto!” is definitely worth a visit.


I have had a thing for small handbags lately and my obsession led me to purchase this gem via Net-a-porter back in August.
It is not capacious but I loved the subtle colour and its versatility, it goes well with both denim fabric in summer and a khaki winter coat.

Christmas came early…


I recently took advantage of the holiday sales season and bought myself a new fragrance for the umpteenth time: Love Story by Chloé.
The perfume is not overpowering like the original one, but more like subtle and soft. It comes in a very beautiful bottle and it made me feel feminine and sophisticated at the same time.
Although it does not last long on the skin, I found that it compliments my natural scent well.


While I was at it, I could not resist buying the Plum Milner Nano Crossbody bag by Sophie Hulme. It is a very pretty evening bag with a chain-adorned strap and signature gold plates.
I particularly loved the playful charm that came with it; a golden dot detailed with googly eyes.