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The Blues: How to survive pregnancy mood swings

I have been feeling blue lately and I thought I might share this roller coaster ride, as real and as raw as it gets.
Pregnancy is that incredible time of your life where you should be feeling on cloud nine and although I feel extremely happy and grateful for being so lucky and so loved, I am definitely not a big fan of feeling pregnant.
I was able to exercise on a daily basis just a few months ago and used the training as a way of both unwinding and somehow compensating for the extra love for food. I love food and I refused to place unnecessary conditions of counteracting it in an unhealthy way, it was like getting two treats all at once: a long run to relax after a challenging day at work and a delicious almond crust pizza to savour life.
Things have changed.
I feel concerned about putting on too much weight as the only thing I could keep down in the first months were carbs. Bread, pizza, pasta, fries, you name it. Just the thought of salad could make me sick to my stomach and feeling fatigued was not an incentive to work out as much as I would like.

This morning a blouse that I used to wear as back-up attire made me burst into tears. I was desperately trying to zip it up at the side and only then I realized the kind of humongous change my body is going through at the moment.
For months every morning I continued seeing myself as the usual me in the mirror and kept being in denial, thinking about the life that was growing inside of me, but avoiding the actual truth of my body molding itself into a different and unfamiliar shape.
When my boyfriend hugged me during my meltdown and tried to laugh it off, I felt incredibly guilty for wearing my emotions on my fingertips and the day just got worse and worse.

It is now the end of this god-awful day full of crying jags and outbursts that made me question my own sanity and I am once again torn between heading to the swimming pool and ordering that pizza that I am so craving right now.
I remind myself that this is all perfectly normal and that I can help people around me help me.
There is a baby brewing in my belly that is very busy dancing around today and that is enough to make me giggle.
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New Beginnings

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Long time no post.
I have been extremely busy with life and completely forgot about the blog these days (or months?).
I am very happy to share that we are expecting a baby and besides my hormones going crazy and the usual morning sickness that has kept me home for days, I am now enjoying my second trimester with a dash of new-found energy that I forgot I had.
So I took the opportunity to update my blog and continue my daily swimming as I was not feeling as woozy.
I truly hope that the smooth sailing continues until my due date which is scheduled for Halloween!
So many joyful moments ahead and I am so thrilled to welcome our pumpkin baby in our life.